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Comment Guidelines

Articles on the site have been written with you, our site users, in mind. They aim to provide you with ideas on new places to try out across New Zealand. We want to hear what you've got to say about these articles, the businesses mentioned in them and also what you think about what other site users have to say. Anyone posting comments to the site may be liable for what is said. Menus.co.nz takes no responsibility for the content. The comments you post are moderated by site users and from time to time the team at menus.co.nz. We have some basic rules to keep it fair to everyone involved. They cover:

  1. Swearing, offensive language or adult content

    We're a PG rated show that caters to people from all walks of life. If you post a comment that contains swearwords, offensive language or adult content (including images) it will be removed from the site.

  2. Self promotion

    Businesses are allowed to comment on articles and opinions shared by site users but we won't tolerate blatant self promotion such as new menus, specials or offers. If you are a business owner with updated content you can log into self service and update your listing details. If you would like to run a promotion with us you can email info@menus.co.nz with the details.

  3. Slander

    Everyone has the right to an opinion but harassment, abuse or personal attacks on other site users or businesses will not be tolerated. We want to hear your point of view just make sure you don't make it personal. If you think a comment written by another user is offensive you can report the comment by clicking the report link at the bottom of each comment.

  4. Criminal allegations

    Comments that accuse users or businesses of criminal activity will be removed from the site.

  5. Spelling and grammar errors

    A comment containing spelling and grammar errors is not only a bad look but it's also likely to be reported on the site so make sure you reread your comment before hitting the submit button.

If you think any comment published on the site is in breach of the above you can report the comment by selecting the "report" link underneath each comment.

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