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5 reasons to love Indian vegetarian curries

Vegans say meat is murder; I say you better lock me up and throw away the key because I could murder a piece of steak right now.

That’s why you might find it odd that I enjoy Indian vegetarian curries as much as I do ones with meat – maybe even more. When given the option between a meal of butter chicken, beef vindaloo or aloo gobi, I’d opt for the latter, say, seven times out of 10.

Why would a carnivore love vegetarian Indian curries so much? Let me count the ways…

1.    Less likely to get sick

I really got into vegetarian Indian curries when I was backpacking in Asia, because I figured I was less likely to get sick eating vegetables than the manky meat that was potentially contaminated with God-knows-what. 

2.    Often cheaper

At home and abroad, vegetarian Indian curries are often cheaper than their meaty counterparts – which means my fiancé and I can occasionally even justify buying three vegetarian curries between us (with some leftovers for lunch the next day). 

3.    Healthier

Indian dal – or ‘dahl’ – dishes are made with lentils, a supposed “super food” that has a high nutritional value, and then you’ve got vegetarian curries made with fresh vegetables such as cauliflower and peas, potato and spinach.

Not all Indian vegetarian curries are healthier than their meaty counterparts – saag paneer has cottage cheese in it instead of lamb or chicken – but they’re generally a better option if you are worried about such things.

4.    They have to be good

Did you know that India boasts the biggest population of vegetarians in the world? With a whopping 20-40% of the population living on a meat-free diet, it’s no wonder than Indian vegetarian curries are so good – they have to be.

5.    Potentially more delicious

Finally, vegetarian curries often taste better than ones made with meat. As reasons to eat something go, nothing is more subjective or important than taste. I dare you to eschew the butter chicken in favour of a vegetarian curry next time you go out to an Indian restaurant.

- Simon Petersen

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