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Reviews of Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

36 Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington

  1. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant


    Really disappointed with dinner last night, would rate it lower than 1 if I could. I ordered the tofu and it came with a broth. I did find it really salty but it just got worse towards the bottom. I couldn't eat it so I sent it back and the chef came out and confronted me. He said you already ate half of it so we are going to charge you for half. What a joke. Abhorrent service and did not appreciate the chef's attitude. Honestly, I would have asked him to replace it but I couldn't trust that he wouldn't spit in my food, as he looked so angry. Also as I went up to pay, I saw the bar person pouring boxed wine into a variety of empty expensive looking wine bottles that other BYO tables obviously left behind. Do not recommend at all.

    5th March 2017

  2. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

    * * * *

    Had a great night. Turned up hungry after a day's physical work, left absolutely stuffed. The chef was friendly and entertaining. The stewardesses were nice and service was quick. The food was great and the portion sizes were pretty big, everyone at the table struggled by the end of their meal.

    17th January 2016

  3. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

    * * * *

    We had a fantastic night last night, the fun, food and having the chef cook in front of you was fun. Lots of laughs and as we enjoy Japanese food found it really yummy. Thank you, don't know hat the other reviews are going on about as this is really worth going to.

    29th November 2015

  4. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

    * * * * *

    We had an $80 Grab One voucher. Chose the Tokyo and Fujiyama set menus. Our chef was entertaining and the food was superb in quality and ample in quantity. We would go there again!

    22nd September 2015

  5. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant


    Give this place a wide berth. We had a $40 voucher to spend here on two of us, however, what we got and were told we could have did not correspond with the blurb on the voucher. As it was, we were the only ones in the restaurant so guess word has got around. I had to physically prise the door open to get in, it was shut and there was no bell to ring, we were the first customers of the evening, probably the only ones. We had phoned our booking as the voucher instructed, so they knew what time we were arriving. The restaurant was seedy, should have turned tail and walked out. This was the only downside to our Wellington dining experience, we were on holiday so eating out was the upside. Sad part was that my daughter bought the voucher thinking she was doing us a favour, didn't really want to rain on her parade and tell her how bad it was, it was my silence that spoke volumes and she insisted on knowing what our experience was like. OMG. This was unforgettable, in an awful way. I paid extra for the protein, the fillet steak was chewy and unpalatable, we simply put our chopsticks down and left. We finished the night at another restaurant, we were hungry and in need of some solace and spoiling. I am amazed that a restaurant can get away with advertising brochures that do not reflect what you end up with. Makes me very leery now.

    19th April 2015

  6. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant


    I would never ever come back to this Restaurant again. I turned up with my family expecting a good night. The hostess was unfriendly and appeared annoyed when we presented with our GRAB ONE voucher, despite phoning in and telling them. To make matters worse we had decided on which meals we would choose, only to be told we COULD NOT choose from the set or chef menu and could only choose from the main menu. Despite the main menu costing the same as the set. I paid $30 for the fillet salmon which was only around x6 pieces of small salmon fried up and $30 for the garlic steak again which was only x2 small pieces of steak with crushed garlic added to it. This came with fried cabbage only and if you wanted extra, egg, fried rice it was an extra charge. What a rip off.. We would have appreciated it if we were allowed to order the set menus as we had never experienced tepannyaki and was so looking forward to the meal. Unfortunately we were given the chef who did not appear to have very good entertainment skills compared to the other ones we saw, looked at the other chefs and asked myself why didn't we have them? Came away dissatisfied and still hungry, my kids did not enjoy this experience. Had to take them to Denys for dessert.. Never again.. I have told all my friends and family about our experience with this place, would never waste my money on any further vouchers for this place. Thats probably why they have the vouchers to get people in.. UNHAPPY CUSTOMER

    4th July 2014

  7. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

    * * * *

    Absolutely agree with the review below. Last week I went this place with uni friends as a celebration for the end of the trimester and we used the party voucher. It's a good experience, especially the game part,lots of fun. I ordered a set menu which included chicken, steak and seafood. I like the steak which was moist, also the yummy prawns. Recommend large group of friends to catch up there! Very entertaining.

    6th November 2013

  8. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

    * * * * *

    We came to fujiyama a couple of days ago with a couple of friends and we had a really enjoyable experience. The staff were friendly and the chefs were really entertaining. We ordered the fujiyama set menu which included a variety of different meat and seafoods. All of us really enjoyed the fish and the terriyaki chicken especially. The fish was cooked perfectly as it was tender and melted in our mouths but it wa also crispy on the outside. Although people tend to gear towards the main courses as it is cheaper, I really recommend getting a set menu as it is worth more in the long run. We were so full at the edn we were really gutted we didnt try any of desserts. The games were alo very fun and its a chance to just have casual fun with friends! I really do recommend this place if your looking for a place with good food and good fun! We will definitely be returning with new friends. Thanks fujiyama gives us so much fun and happy hours.

    22nd September 2013

  9. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant


    This place has really gone down hill. The essence of good Tepanyaki is fresh food seared to keep in the flavour. Therefore the grill needs to be very hot before any oil, let alone food is placed on it. Here the chef was a big fat guy, which can be a good sign, but he was young and obviously didn't know much about cooking. The grill was cold when he added the oil, and he didn't allow that to get hot before adding the rice or vegetables. That oily mass was then stewed. The final assault on our livers was that he then melted 50 g butter, and mixed it into the oily mass before serving it to us.

    17th February 2013

  10. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

    * * * *

    Very good alternative restaurant if ur looking for something different in Wellington. Food not high class but the way they deliver it by throwing it at you is very entertaining and it's still very nice although maybe on the small side.

    6th July 2012

  11. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

    * * * *

    This place is great. Great food entertainment for a group!

    24th January 2011

  12. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

    * * * *

    This place has great food, But dont walk in there hungry, because you will walk out hungry. service is friendly. can be pricey but all in all has a good vibe.

    1st September 2010

  13. Fujiyama Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

    * * * * 1/2

    This restaurant is so much fun!!!! Delicious food and a great way to spend time with friends and get feed at the same time, Highly recommended for functions you would like to add a little flare too.

    13th July 2010

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