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Reviews of Sangeet Indian Cuisine

736 Great South Road, Manukau City Centre, Auckland

  1. Sangeet Indian Cuisine

    * * * * *

    I personally have been to the restaurant many times and would always love to go there with my friends and family. Love the way they treat their customers with a lovely smile especially the owners who always make an effort to come and check about the service and food (which is not common with other restaurants). I love the butter chicken, paratha & above all the staff that makes my experience a pleasant one. I recommend others to also go and experience yourself

    24th October 2013

  2. Sangeet Indian Cuisine


    told by their staff, that they are using HALAL meat and chicken, but they have no clear signage outside. Had I known,I would never had become part of this cruelity based food, which is against animal welfare. ****Halal slaughtering is where they half cut the throat of animal or bird and leave it in pain, distress and crying for 5 minutes and let the blood to drain out, then QURAN is recited over the crying animal, and finally it dies in pain and is sent for dressing up. IN U.K.people have started boycotting all the halal restaurants. Authentic Indian restaurant would never use HALAL, this is form of Muslim restaurant. What basically this means that before you do any prayer, QURAN has already been recited on your food and underneath somewhere there lies cries and pain of that animal or bird, DO not become part of animal cruelity, ask for normal meat NOT HALAL. Tell them to display signage outside their restaurant that this is MUSLIM Restaurant and uses HALAL, prominently.

    16th January 2011

  3. Sangeet Indian Cuisine

    * * * 1/2

    Sangeet was one of our favourite Indian restaurants when we lived out East. We would head there specifically for butter chicken as it is so tasty, it was hard to order anything else off the menu. Their service has definitely declined and their prices are also quite high. They are down a long driveway and at the back of buildings so you are certainly not paying for scenery, so the service and food has to be good. Need to work on the service I think as last time I visited I felt like I was constantly being cross sold on their other food items or more beers. A little bit rushed and just needed to be left to enjoy. Bit expensive too.

    20th July 2010

  4. Sangeet Indian Cuisine

    * *

    Have been here only the once - quite nice friendly staff - only downside I have found is that they are quite pricey - Pity that they are also down a driveway behind another restaurant so can be hard to see

    16th July 2010

  5. Sangeet Indian Cuisine


    i went to sangeet for dinner with a friend of mine,i had been there previously with the same friend and the experience was ok so we thought might as well.upon arriving there and being seated we gave in our drink orders and the waiter asked for an id from my friend as he ordered for a beer.i understand that completely as both of us have been in the hospitality industry for quite a while and understand the importance of this.my friend was looking for his id meanwhile told the waiter that he had previously given him drinks but not checked the id to which he replied maybe.my friend said that he worked in the hospitality industry and wanted to explain that he knows the policy to which the waiter replied doesnt matter which i thought was very rude.he should have said i understand sir but that is our policy or something that sounded more polite.it was strange he acted so just because his manager was there because he didnt follow that policy of his when he served us previously.maybe he remembers his policies only when the manager is around.and definitely we wouldnt have asked for alcohol if we were underaged as we know the rules as we work in the same field and understand no id no exceptions.nevertheless.i would have loved to stay there and dine but just because the waiter was rude we went to another place which was far better and had extremely well mannered staff.the staff and management should remember it is just the customers who make the business run.that waiter should definitely learn customer service skills.he was definitely trying to impress the manager and in the process went a bit to far.the waiter was very rude ,he should have said things in a polite manner...will never dine there again

    5th July 2010

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