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Reviews of The Fish Pot Cafe

99 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay, Auckland

  1. The Fish Pot Cafe


    Absolute joke. Way to over priced for the portions you get, you pay the same down the road and get double the amount of food. Staff were really not up to being a waitress/waiter couldn't even count properly we had to repeat our meals about 3 times. Waitress didn't bring enough water or glasses out, sauce pots OR napkins we had to ask for them. DON'T order the steak you'll be greatly disappointed for $31.50 it was just laughable what we received. A tiny steak on a one layer thick bed of fries - for $31.50, no sauce, no sides just a plain tiny piece of steak, my friend was still starving it was totally unfair. For the same price you pay in the restaurant you'd receive a little bit more on the takeaways side not worth even having a restaurant. Totally disappointing over all, will never spend a cent there again I'd advise that you go to any other place down Misson Bay because what you pay for at Fish Pot Cafe you'd get more for you're money somewhere else.

    3rd April 2013

  2. The Fish Pot Cafe

    * * * 1/2

    Great for takeaways, head over to Mission Bay beach and enjoy! Chips are tasty (one serving will suss two hungry people), fish is yum. Pity they don't grill it for takeaway orders though. Wouldn't recommend dining in though, the "restaurant" isn't worth a mention.

    5th December 2011

  3. The Fish Pot Cafe

    * * * * *

    I have had a takeaway of fish and chips at Fish Pot Cafe a few days ago and I found it to be just as fine as can be. The battered fish taste fresh and crispy as well as the chips. It smells good. As winter time is up, the secret to have your takeaways be kept hot as you would like is just to tear a bit or make enough hole on the wrap to pick up the pieces, besides eating them as fast as you can to avoid getting cold and oily.

    30th June 2011

  4. The Fish Pot Cafe

    * 1/2

    As per the review below - I found this place to be very average and a bit of a joke and left feeling pretty ripped off! We decided to dine in as it was later in the evening and a little bit humid outside I ordered fish and chips (but chose to go with the snapper so paid an extra $3) When the meal came to our table it was literally fish and some chips a lemon wedge and a small dipping sauce of tartare (For the price paid i expected at least a salad... my partner got the fish burger and chips and we got 2 soft drinks - they charged $4.50ea in the dining area and in the takeaway shop area the drink was $3.00 (the resturant and takeaway shop are in the same place share the same kitchen etc) Food was okay - if there is a next time I would opt for the fish and chips in the newspaper for a third of the price!

    4th January 2011

  5. The Fish Pot Cafe

    * *

    Very average and disappointing experience, especially as we took an overseas guest. The food was OK, nothing to write home about, the 'restaurant' decor is totally uninspiring and could use some fans for the humidity (even the windows weren't open). Worst of all, all we got was one medium sized piece of fish, a handful of chips and an anaemic wedge of lemon. Asked if we wanted tomato sauce, we each received a tiny dipping saucer amount! All for $24+ EACH (it was $3 more for snapper!). For that price I expect a bigger serving of some pretty tasty fish and chips, and a salad. Left feeling totally ripped off and vowing not to return - the only reason we didn't say anything at the time was we didn't want our guest to feel uncomfortable.

    20th December 2010

  6. The Fish Pot Cafe

    * * * 1/2

    Great tasting fish & chips. Fish always seems fresh. Problem is the price. It's not the one you go to every week, but nice for a treat, and it's right on the water so can't complain about the location...

    23rd August 2010

  7. The Fish Pot Cafe

    * * * * *

    I'm not normally a shark 'n taties fan, but The Fish Pot cafe really does make some of the best fish and chips in Auckland. Good for taking friends from overseas for a visit to Mission Bay, grabbing yourself a steaming hot bundle of takeaways and sitting on the beach with the seagulls.

    23rd July 2010

  8. The Fish Pot Cafe

    * * * *

    The freshest, nicest fish and chips I've found in Auckland. Buy your meal & take it across the road to Mission Bay beach, sit on the grass, grab your tomato sauce & enjoy. Seriously fresh fish - the best place to go for your fish & chip fix!

    13th July 2010

  9. The Fish Pot Cafe

    * * * * 1/2

    We've dined in on numerous occasions. This restaurant is a very good family restaurant and not a fine dining restaurant. They have good sized meals for price. If you want a middle of the range restaurant to take the kids (they have crayons and colouring-in pictures) and meals that are good old fashioned meals (nothing flash) then this is the place to go. If you want fine dining then go to an 'up-market' restaurant. This is like the old Cobb n Co restaurants. If you wear shorts/t-shirts and come straight off the beach, then you won't look out of place. No flashiness here.

    9th January 2010

  10. The Fish Pot Cafe

    * * * * 1/2

    Not too sure if I agree about the review above but then again I didn't dine in and not too sure if thats what I'm looking for out of Fish Pot. The times I have gone there have been to eat fish and chips down on the beach and every time there fish and chips have been the best in Auckland by far. The service was quick and friendly even though there was a queue out the door. I love Fish Pot and think its a must if visiting Mission Bay.

    20th November 2009

  11. The Fish Pot Cafe


    Dreadful meal there first week this year 2009, with an overseas visitor, we paid $77 for 2 snapper, rice and crappy salad and one coke and there was no ice available, it was a boiling hot summers day, I had to go next door to get some ice for my partners coke. Very overpriced, service bad, thats the last time I go there and we often take visitors there, and its just a rip off!

    15th January 2009

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