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La Padella Restaurant & Bar

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Family Restaurants

2 Port Albert Road Wellsford Rodney Auckland

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Reviews (1 review)

  1. La Padella Restaurant & Bar


    This past Friday 6 October I went up to La Padella with a large group of friends to celebrate my sons birthday. From the group I ordered first. I ordered a pizza bread, chips and chicken nuggets, and a seafood pizza (forgot its name). Anyway, 2 hours later my friends all have their meals served out to them and I am still waiting for my pizza. The girls and staff behind the bar were very apologetic and kind, however I went up to the servery to ask when my pizza was coming out to be greeted by an INCREDIBLY rude woman - the chef, and OWNER of La Padella, who screamed at me in my face. All i did was say, "Excuse me, I ordered my meal before all my friends and I am waiting on my pizza, when will it be out?" She screamed in my face where i had to wipe my mouth as she spit on me, "JUST WAIT!!! Your pizza is HERE RIGHT NOW LADY go away!!!" she threw the pizza down on the bench it bounced - yes, the pizza on the pizza board, and board bounced with the force that she had thrown it down with. I returned her rudeness by promising her that I would make a review of her poor service and apalling rudeness to her patrons. My event brought her in lots of money that night.... I hope my review pays her back twofold :) I have to add that the old owner (Ryan) would NEVER EVER EVER have treated his customers this way - he was a gentleman and knew that his customers were his livelihood. I wish him well.

    9th October 2017

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2 Port Albert Road, Wellsford, Auckland

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